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RCBits was started by a pair of remote control helicopter enthusiasts back November 2008 due to the inaccessibility of quality RC parts and accessories on our Australian shores. Our mission was to get you the gear you like, at the right price. About 9 years later, the interests have now gravitated towards the FPV Multicopter racing type of things so the store has now evolved its offering to cater for a slightly different hobby. We still get out and fly the helicopters from time to time, but most weekends are now spent with goggles on our faces crashing and bashing into gates, flags, trees and bushes..

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RCBits is owned and operated by Timmy:

Timmy takes care of all matters.

You can check out what mischief we get up to on our Facebook page as well as sending us love letters and spam.

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None, we used to have those things, but now its just Timmy. Perhaps there will be a Team Old Mate revival in the future, but at the moment it’s just for laughs.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Whats the go with shipping?”]

We endeavor to ship almost every day of the week. All orders are packed in an evening and sent out the following morning by about 9am. Orders placed by about 8am should get packed that morning and sent out by 9am (where possible)

All orders are sent using Australia Post (except for Byron Fuels which must be sent via TNT Road freight). Packages are sent out via Express or Registered post (depending on what we can squeeze your bits into). Orders can be tracked from the Australia Post website. We try and fit all orders into the express satchels where possible, but sometimes this just cannot be done and we have to use the larger registered post options to get your order out.

We do our best to ensure your order is dispatched as soon as possible but sometimes we find ourselves on struggle street and it takes a little longer. We offer the following methods of getting your order to you:

– Express Post (500gram/3kg satchel). This is the most common option, will fit most items except blades, booms, kits and big/heavy stuff that simply won’t fit into the satchel.
– Registered Post orders (Tubes/Boxes). This option is for all large items. If you have added a particular item to your shopping cart which we know doesn’t fit into a satchel, the website will not show you the express options listed above.

– International orders. We charge a flat rate of $25 for all international orders. This covers 95% of the cost. In cases where you have ordered something large or heavy and the cost will far exceed the $25, we will contact you about it before processing your order.  
Pick up. We offer local pickup from one of the team in Canberra. Please contact us via email if you need more details regarding location and times for this.

The website only provides FLAT RATE shipping quotes. When large items are added to your cart (big things we know for a fact that will not fit in a 500gram satchel), it will bump up the minimum shipping cost to the same amount for the larger satchel / registered post orders. Anything large will be automatically packed and sent via the registered post option, even if you choose one of the express post shipping choices. Sorry in advance if this bothers you – feel free to suggest a better way if you know of one.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”How can i track my order?”]

All orders are sent using Australia Post (except for Byron Fuels which must be sent via TNT Road freight). Packages are sent out via Express or Registered post (depending on what we can squeeze your bits into). You can track your order on Australia Post website

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”What about international orders?”]

International shipping will quote you a flat rate of $25, this covers 95% of all international shipments, if you’re ordering something large like blades or kits and the cost of freight is way above $25 we will notify you. International orders are sent WITHOUT tracking unless specifically requested (because its prohibitively expensive for some reason).

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”How long will my order take to reach me?”]

Generally 1-2 days. Refer to Australia Post’s Next Day Delivery Network to verify with your particular postcode. All orders are sent from Canberra, ACT.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”How does your inventory work?”]

The RCBits inventory is a real-time living creature. If a product says “Totally in stock right now” then it means that we physically have the item sitting there, ready to ship straight to you. Items that are not in stock will display “Sorry bro, out of stock“. The website will not allow you to add more of a particular item than we have available to your shopping cart, nor will it let you add an item that is out of stock. We try to keep our inventory as accurate as possible, but we do occasionally stumble upon an error here and there.

Orders placed through the website and paid using Paypal will automatically deduct your order from our inventory count.

Orders placed through the website by direct deposit require us to manually verify and “clear” your order so the stock is allocated.

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