Welcome to RCBits

We are Canberra's FPV drone racing specialists. We stock a range of frames, spare parts and accessories to provide you with the equipment you need to get you in the air. You can check out our products in any of the following ways:

- Browsing the entire catalogue.
- Select from a specific category to the left.
- Use the Search feature above.
- Or view our entire list of products from our massive wall of text.

This store originally began back in 2008 with an initial focus on RC helicopters, but over time the interest evolved into the FPV side of things and now its become our focus. We still have a few relic products for the RC helis getting around the site but they are mostly memories of the past.

Do you have a question for us? Check the About us page, the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions can be found there, about things like shipping, inventory management and our team. Otherwise, shoot us an email (details are located on our contact page).

Timmy's Thunderdome - Round 3

Timmy's Thunderdome - Round 2

Timmy's Thunderdome - Round 1

CMRC 2019 Whirlybird Series Round 4 - FPVBits Live Stream

CMRC 2019 Whirlybird Series Round 2 - FPVBits Live Stream

Away for a week!

I’m off overseas for a week so there won’t be any orders getting shipped until my return. Everything will resume normal operation on the 21st of May.

See you when I get back!

CMRC 2019 Whirlybird Series Round 1 - FPVBits Live Stream


Leaving now to do some stuff at the 2018 Mission Foods Drone Nationals, can't pack and ship any orders till I get back on Tuesday. Sorry about that, but check out our sweet live stream of the event sometime over the weekend perhaps?

You'll find it here (among other sources): https://youtube.com/rcbitsau

Some changes are afoot.

Not sure how much attention gets paid to the site, but there's been changes floating around the site. The logo in the top left has evolved from RCBits to FPVBits. Both FPVBits.com and RCBits.com just redirect to here.

Even though the site name is changing to FPVBits, it's still all running on the OG RCBits back-end, so my email address will keep the same as will the domain that sends out the order invoice emails, yada yada, nothing major here.

I'm also now updating the catalogue structure a fair bit to make it more FPV-centric and easy for people to find products. All the RC Helicopter stuff is being removed from the site as it sells out and has been lumped together under the new Legacy Heli Bits category.

If you're having problems finding anything, feel free to whinge to me directly: timmy@rcbits.com.au and I'll sort it out.