Gaui X3 release date and pricing!

Well its getting mighty close now. The Gaui X3 is set to have its worldwide release on the 23rd of August. This is the date that all international stores will have the model available to sale.

The new Gaui X3 will come in two basic kit variations

1) Basic Kit - $229 AUD
2) Basic Kit with CNC Tail trips - $240 AUD

Gaui have suggested the following running gear for this new little monster.

Main Blades: 315mm to 360mm

3S: 3400~3800kV
6S: 1400~1700kV

3S~6S, Minimum 40Amp

We have the kits available for pre-order right now. A pre-order deposit of $50 is required to lock it in Eddie.

Let the excitement begin!

Heli Masters 2013 Gaui X7 demo. Must watch.

Because there's 8 of them flying at once!

DJI Naza V2's are available at RCBits

We've got a small supply of the new DJI Naza V2 with GPS unit combos left in stock. These are the go for your quad or hex multi-rotor copter. At $449 these hot items are priced to sell quick.

We also offer a package with this unit bundled with the new Gaui 540H-S for $899. The Gaui frame bundled with this control unit is a great platform for aerial photography, allowing a wide range of camera gimbals to hang underneath the body.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us.

Field Rep Positions for the 2013/2014 year are open!

Well it's that time again. We're looking to get some fresh blood in amongst the team and appoint some new field rep positions. Openings are available across the board: Edge, Beam, Gaui, Byron Fuels, Lynx, Gryphon, RC Logger etc. Basically anything we wholesale.

Ideal candidates will possess characteristics similar to the following:

- Genuinely interested in the products they represent.
- Have some degree of experience with said product(s).
- Socially active on the internet (and not too socially awkward ;))
- Attends the occasional funfly (the more the better).
- Loves the bling.

If this sounds like something you'd be keen on, then grab a copy of the application form below and email it into with the answers completed. We will start appointing positions in early August so we are allowing about a month for applications to come through.


That's all for now, see you at the field, or next funfly, or on the internets, or something.

Now stocking Gens Ace Batteries!

We have just started stocking and selling the Gens Ace line of Li-Po batteries at RCBits.

For now, we have a small selection of 3s and 6s packs. The expectation is to grow this over the coming months to cover a decent variety of applications.

You can find all of these batteries under our Batteries / Bits section.

For those of you with a DJI Phantom looking for a good spare battery for it, you can't go past the Gens Ace 2200mAh 11.1V 3S 25C Lipo w/ EC3 Plug. It will fit into your Phantom (which has limited space for bigger batteries mind you) just perfectly and for $34 it is very good value. The Gens Ace batteries allow you to quickly re-charge them with a max charge rate of 5C (this is like a 12-15 minute charge from empty!)

If you would like us to stock a particular Gens Ace battery, please feel free to hit us up with an email to let us know.

Free Edge 693 or 713mm blades with every Gaui X7!

And another special!

The team here at RCBits love thems Gaui Helicopters and thems Edge Rotor Blades, so while we have plenty of stock, we're giving away a free set of 700 size (FBL / FB (not F3C or Nite Litez)) Edge blades with every Gaui X7 kit sold. Just tell us in your order comments which blades you want with your kit. It's that simple!

So, buy a

and get a FREE

Its as easy as 1 2 3?

DJI Phantom on special!

For a limited time (or while stocks last) grab a DJI Phantom on special for $699!

Have you seen the RC Logger Magic Pad? ... No? Best click play then...

Gaui X4 II can double up as a lawn mower apparently..

Out of Office Reply: Gone to Coffs Harbour!

We'd like to let you all know that we will be closed for a week to attend the Coffs Harbour Helifest. Orders placed between the 14th and 20th of May will not be shipped until the 21st (that's a Tuesday). If you would like to place an order and have it brought to the event to pickup, it must be placed by Monday the 13th.

We'll have a bit of a display stall this year, nothing quite like what we did last time though...

And be mindful about getting bogged in the parking area, don't do what this bloke did!

That's all, see you there!