J1S Designs Cyclone Blades are now available!

Just in today, the famous Cyclone blades by J1S designs are now in stock here at RCBits!

We're very excited to be carrying this new line of rotor blades here at our store. The demand on these has been incredibly high so we expect them to be flying out the door.

If you've been chasing a blade that gives you great tracking in high speed maneuvers and also gives you quick snappy response then you really should be trying a set out.

J1S Designs is the company name for products designed and created by Tim Jones. Tim Jones has developed a unique, optimized airfoil design that elevates R/C helicopter blade technology to the next level. J1S Designs Cyclone blades feature an aerodynamically optimized "tapered airfoil" that allows the CG point to be configured in a way that provides fast flight stability, without sacrificing response, or "crispness" around center. The tip shape is unique and allows large cyclic inputs even at the highest forward flight speeds, eliminating the "flutter" or sluggishness that is common with heavy flybarless blades that can stress servos and reduce cyclic rates. This also allows the power system to work more efficiently and lets the blades track with one another much better, even under the most extreme combinations of collective and cyclic pitch.
J1S Designs Cyclone blades won’t make you fly like the Beast, but will deliver the confidence, stability, response and efficiency that will make you feel like one.

The official Gaui X3 promo video from Gaui.

Gaui X3 kits and parts are all available!

Technically this is last week's news but we've just been caught up getting things out there that we completely forgot to do a front page story about it.

So the Gaui X3 kits all arrived and all pre-orders have been sent out. There's still a bunch of kits available for those of you tempted to try the latest 450 sized helicopter from Gaui out.

Pretty much all the parts are in stock as well and added to the website. I'll get around to putting up the product pictures for each of them soon too when I get some spare time.

If you haven't seen a flight video of this new helicopter yet, check out this one from RC Mania of Danny Wang flying it in a small court. Pro as.

I started building one of these on Friday night and found it to be very quick and straight forward. I got a little bit stuck when it came to the main gear assembly because I don't own a pair of cir-clip pliers but with some handy man skills (not mine) we got past that minor stepping stone. The plastic parts seem very strong and light, which were above my initial expectations. The swashplate is entirely serviceable (you can fully take it apart and replace the bearing and so on). I think overall this is a nice bit of kit and I don't see myself getting many of the metal upgrades as they become available in the future - although I'll see how I go when I start to get some flights on this thing.

I'll be running my machine on 3S initially, as I have harvested all the electronics from an existing 450 I already had. Should I find the 3S setup underpowered, I'll change it all over to 6S. I will be running Edge 353mm main blades from the get go, 325mm blades is so 2010.

Now available: Team Blacksheep Multi Rotor / FPV Goodness

Our multi-rotor section has a new subcategory now for the Team Blacksheep products we are now selling.

We've got a reasonable selection of props, cameras, motors, ESCs, top and bottom plates, arms and what not. We should also have some of the Discovery Pro bodies coming over the next few weeks as well. The Discovery body is the perfect upgrade for your DJI Flamewheel 450 and gives you plenty of space for mounting your GoPro and FPV gear to it. Great stuff.

Scorpion Portable Power Station (don't leave home without it)

I have been using mine for a number of months now and cannot recommend it more to anyone with a mobile phone. This thing will fully charge your iphone from flat to full about 2-3 times before it needs to be charged itself. Comes with a micro USB to charge the phone itself up, and has a standard USB port for you to plug in any kind of charging cable you wish to charge your stuff on the go.

Simply click on the picture to be taken to the product.

Oh and while you're here, if you happen to be in the market for a new brushless motor for your 700 size helicopter, consider the new Scorpion HKII-4235-520Kv Nick Maxwell edition motor.

There's a few other new products available too, check the New Bits section to find out what.

SAB Goblin Competition series helicopters now available for pre-order!

It is with great excitement that we announce that we are taking pre-orders on the new SAB Goblin competition series helicopter kits.

The 630 and 700 sizes that are featured in this competition line-up.

The 700 size sports the following improvements:

New HPS head with improved main linkages.
New 2mm Carbon frames, these are also taller and provide more room for batteries and ESC.
New lighter stronger boom using the same manufacturing process as the Goblin 500.
New 2 part main grips so the arms can be replaced independently of the grips.
New dampened tail rotor as found on the Goblin 500
Big motor belt kit (to go with all that extra battery space)
Double one way bearing
New colours
Quick release canopy mounts
Quick release battery tray
Aluminium tail side plate
Rubber to protect the top of the canopy
Motor mount with bearing support

The 630 size itself features these improvements:

New HPS head with improved main linkages.
New 2mm Carbon frames New lighter stronger boom using the same manufacturing process as the Goblin 500.
New dampened tail rotor as found on the Goblin 500
New colours
Quick release canopy mounts
Quick release battery tray
Aluminium tail side plate Rubber to protect the top of the canopy

To register your pre-order with us. Simply place an order for a $100 holding deposit against your choice of Goblin:

700 GREEN canopy: http://www.rcbits.com.au/content/sg703-goblin-700-competition-green-kit-...
700 ORANGE canopy: http://www.rcbits.com.au/content/sg704-goblin-700-competition-orange-kit...
630 GREEN canopy: http://www.rcbits.com.au/content/sg632-goblin-630-competition-green-kit-...
630 ORANGE canopy: http://www.rcbits.com.au/content/sg633-goblin-630-competition-orange-kit...

For more information, you should check out this video:

Gaui X3 release date and pricing!

Well its getting mighty close now. The Gaui X3 is set to have its worldwide release on the 23rd of August. This is the date that all international stores will have the model available to sale.

The new Gaui X3 will come in two basic kit variations

1) Basic Kit - $229 AUD
2) Basic Kit with CNC Tail trips - $240 AUD

Gaui have suggested the following running gear for this new little monster.

Main Blades: 315mm to 360mm

3S: 3400~3800kV
6S: 1400~1700kV

3S~6S, Minimum 40Amp

We have the kits available for pre-order right now. A pre-order deposit of $50 is required to lock it in Eddie.

Let the excitement begin!

Heli Masters 2013 Gaui X7 demo. Must watch.

Because there's 8 of them flying at once!

DJI Naza V2's are available at RCBits

We've got a small supply of the new DJI Naza V2 with GPS unit combos left in stock. These are the go for your quad or hex multi-rotor copter. At $449 these hot items are priced to sell quick.

We also offer a package with this unit bundled with the new Gaui 540H-S for $899. The Gaui frame bundled with this control unit is a great platform for aerial photography, allowing a wide range of camera gimbals to hang underneath the body.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us.

Field Rep Positions for the 2013/2014 year are open!

Well it's that time again. We're looking to get some fresh blood in amongst the team and appoint some new field rep positions. Openings are available across the board: Edge, Beam, Gaui, Byron Fuels, Lynx, Gryphon, RC Logger etc. Basically anything we wholesale.

Ideal candidates will possess characteristics similar to the following:

- Genuinely interested in the products they represent.
- Have some degree of experience with said product(s).
- Socially active on the internet (and not too socially awkward ;))
- Attends the occasional funfly (the more the better).
- Loves the bling.

If this sounds like something you'd be keen on, then grab a copy of the application form below and email it into team@rcbits.com.au with the answers completed. We will start appointing positions in early August so we are allowing about a month for applications to come through.

PDF: http://www.rcbits.com.au/files/RCBits_FR_TP_Application_Form.pdf
WORD: http://www.rcbits.com.au/files/RCBits_FR_TP_Application_Form.doc

That's all for now, see you at the field, or next funfly, or on the internets, or something.