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BetaFPV BT2.0 300mAh 1S 30C HV Battery (8 Pack)


BT2.0 Connector - the most significant revolution in 1S Tiny Whoop Drone.

Since February 2019, we've got some feedback on Facebook about how eager they need the high quality of solid pins connector on 1S whoop drone. So we started our long-term investigation on the design of the solid pins and the stable manufacturing technique to meet pilots' demand. Betafpv always keeps moving forward with passion for breakthrough experiences.

Now Betafpv exclusive designed BT2.0 connector 1S battery has finally come out, which has broken through the bottle-neck of PH2.0 crappy crimped pins. Meanwhile, we provide 200 sets of BT2.0 300mah 1S battery(2pcs) and a certain number of BT2.0 connectors as a free gift for everybody.


- BT2.0 connector decreased internal resistance of connector effectively by upgrading the crimped pins to 1.0mm banana connector and increasing the cross-sectional area of 1.0mm banana connector.
- BT2.0 300mAh 1S 30C Battery supports 9A continuous current and 15A burst, while the PH2.0 connector supports 4.5A continuous current. With this BT2.0 300mAh 1S battery, all 1S brushless drones will gain powerful and perfect performance.
- By solving the problem of voltage sag, the discharge of the 300mAh 1S BT2.0 lipo becomes more efficient. Pilots can enjoy more flight time without disturbance of low voltage warning.
- Compared with the PH2.0 crimped pins, BT2.0 connector is more durable which can discharge more currents in the same capacity and provide far more power. You can get 2mins flight time in full throttle on Meteor65.
- The package comes with BT2.0-PH2.0 adapter cable in the package, which is convenient to charge BT2.0 battery with stock PH2.0 charger. Meanwhile, we also release BT2.0 all-in-one battery Tester & charger for your need.


Item: 1S battery
Capacity: 300mAh
Rate: 30C/60C
Voltage: 4.35V
Dimension: 67.3*11.8*6.1mm
Connector: Betafpv BT2.0 connector
Weight: 7.59g(1pcs)

BT2.0 Connector

There is a graph of comparison between BT2.0 connector and PH2.0 connector (solid pins version) in BETAFPV 1S 300mAh battery. The discharge current is 9A in this testing. You could see that it has double time ( about 2minutes) and a 0.2v improvement in voltage sag with BT2.0 connector.

List Price: $50.00
Price: $50.00
SKU: 00313630-8P

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RunCam Lipo Battery Guard Bag


Brand name: RunCam
Item name: Battery Bag
Material: glass fiber
Size: 240 x 180 x 65mm
Color: Orange
Package weight: Approx 188g

Package included:
1 x Battery Bag

List Price: $28.95
Price: $28.95

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KP L2 Plus Li-ion Battery Charger


KeepPower L2 Plus Li-ion battery charger

Press the button once to switch charging current.
“Err” means battery polarity reverse.
Charging time: In the first 60 seconds, charging time is measured in second. Over 60 seconds, charging time is measured in minute.
0.5A charging current: Recommend for Li-ion battery 18350/16340/14650/14500/14430/10440.
1.0A charging current: Recommend for Li-ion battery 26650/18650/18500/17670/17500/16650.
2.0A charging current: Recommend for Li-ion battery 26650 and 18650.
2.0A is available only when there is 1PCS battery is being charged.
Remove the battery when fully charged.
Model: L2 Plus
Digital LCD readout
Compatible with rechargeable Li-ion battery 26650/18650/18500/18350/17670/17500/16650/16340/14650/14500/14430/10440
Input: Micro USB DC 5.0V 2.0A
Output: 4.2V±1% 0.5A~1.0A~2.0A
USB output: DC 5.0V 1.0A
Dimension of L2 Plus charger: (L)139.0*(W)70.3*(H)33.0mm
Weight(with packaging)(USB power adapter included): 330±3G

List Price: $39.95
Price: $39.95

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Gemfan Flash 5144 Propeller Set - Clear Yellow


The Gemfan Flash 5144 propeller has been specifically designed for high-speed racing. The inverse tip design helps to reduce blade tip vortex, and the light weight of the propeller means it has a smaller moment of inertia and fast response time.

This propeller has an excellent smooth and steady performance in high-speed flight.

Length: 5.1"
Pitch: 4.4"
Hub Thickness: 7mm
Weight: 4.68g/single propeller
Material: Polycarbonate
Color options: Yellow, Clear, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Clear Gray
Recommended Motor: 2205-2306

2x CW Gemfan Flash 5144 Propeller
2x CCW Gemfan Flash 5144 Propeller

List Price: $3.50
Price: $3.50
SKU: PMPC5144-3Y

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DALPROP Cyclone T5050C Cyclone 5" 3 Blade Props (20pcs) - Red


Dalprop high-end CYCLONE series, features faster reaction, easier cornering and less noise, excellent aerodynamics design make them ideal for drone racing. 5mm inner diameter, more durable and gives you a better chance of staying in the air after hitting that ghost branch.

Available in packs of 20pcs (10CW & 10CCW / 5 sets of 4)

List Price: $16.95
Price: $12.00
SKU: T5050CR

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ImmersionRC Tramp Nano 5.8GHz Video Tx


The ImmersionRC Tramp Nano 5.8GHz Video Transmitter. Highest Power in a Tiny Package
Only 18x13mm, and weighing in at a paltry 1.01g, the Tramp Nano packs quite a punch. Given adequate airflow, output powers of > 500mW (typically 700mW+) are emitted.

Following in its big brother’s footsteps, the Tramp Nano includes high-speed automatic temperature regulation, which avoids overheating transmitters on the starting grid, or after an unexpected landing with lengthy recovery (also with the advantage of saving precious battery power while transmitting a signal for recovery).

The Nano operates from the 5V regulated supply that most flight controllers supply these days, and doesn’t require a dedicated connection to the flight battery.


Smallest 500mW+ vTx in the business.
TNR Touch-free wand control, with new Nano NFC tag
Locking U.FL to SMA cable included
20 x 20mm Carrier PCB, with Gummies Supplied
Traditional button+RGB LED control of frequency and power
1mW -> 500mW+ linear power control
All 48 standard channels
Built-in thermal protection (second gen)
Factory power normalization
Glitch-Free frequency changes
Micro-power pit mode, with built in ‘pit switch’
Additional channels for race events (Race Wand only)
Retail regional locking without opening package
Locking U.FL Connector

An elegant solution to a frustrating problem. The Tramp Nano, with it’s supplied U.FL to SMA cable, supports a locking U.FL connector that locks the connector onto the board without the need for screws, or tools.

20 x 20mm Carrier PCB + Gummies

Included with every Tramp Nano is a lightweight 20 x 20mm carrier PCB, with IRC gummies, suitable for M3 screws.
Three touches with the soldering iron, and the Nano is soldered into place, without the need for header pins.
Included silicone ‘gummies’ protect the transmitter against the extreme shock of collisions common in FPV racing, and freestyle.
The carrier PCB also acts as a heat sink, allowing higher powers to be used for longer time periods.

RGB Status LED

Was that one red flash? or two?… maybe one short red flash, or two short red flashes… those days are over.
The Tramp Nano sports a tiny RGB LED capable of showing transmitter status without decoding flash codes.
Green LED? all is well, transmitting normally.
Flashing Green LED? Pit Mode.
Flashing Blue LED? Race Locked, Tx not active.
Flashing Magenta LED? Race Locked, Tx transmitting.

Thermally Protected

We have all experienced long delays at the starting grid before starting a race. No airflow over the electronics and video transmitters overheating. Most video transmitters (even the higher end units) have no thermal protection whatsoever and will happily cook themselves and prematurely fail. The Tramp family is a little different. It constantly monitors the temperature of the Tx, and gracefully reduces power output to increase battery life and protect the transmitter. As soon as the props start spinning, it detects the temperature reduction and quickly boosts power output.

Touch ‘n’ Race for Race Directors

Touch’n’Race, a patent-pending technology which helps both the casual racer, and race directors alike. Transmitters are placed in Race mode upon arrival at a race event, and remain in that mode until the event is over. Race directors can, without powering up a model, define the frequency and power output of the transmitter, in 5 seconds flat before a race starts. As soon as the race is over, and the battery disconnected, the TrampHV reverts to it’s race-director defined mode. Massively decreased inter-heat times are possible with this technology, meaning more practice runs, more qualifiers, and races which start and finish on-time (a rarity in the world of drone racing today). More importantly, the chances of a race being disrupted by an accidental power-up in the pits are eliminated, a dream for race organizers.

Touch ‘n’ Race for Pilots

Why let race directors have all the fun?. The personal TNR wand avoids dip-switch hell even in the local park. Touch-free programming of video transmitters before you launch, eliminating frequency collisions, eliminating the ‘what channel was I on last’ question, and allowing power levels to be modified between flights to adapt to local conditions. Note that the wand is not required to operate the transmitter. A traditional button + LED user interface may also be used to program channel, band, and power level.

Flight Controller Integration

As with its big brother, the Tramp HV, the Nano is fully controllable using the same ‘Tramp’ protocol supported by all of the main Flight Controller firmware. Additional commands eliminate the need for a ‘pit switch’, since the vTx can be completely shut down from the Flight Controller.

Calibrated Power

Every member of the Tramp family ever shipped has been factory calibrated to ensure precise power outputs, especially at the critical low-power race levels. No more cross-talk from 25mW transmitters which are instead emitting 200mW!, or worse, 25mW transmitters which emit much lower power levels. No more RF lap timing issues caused by pilots running wildly different power levels.


Dimensions: L=18mm x W=13mm x H = 3.2mm
Weight: 1.01g (Tx only, without SMA cable)
Power Output: Programmable, 1mW to > 500mW 1
Channels: 48 standard, arbitrary using race wand
RF Impedance: 50 ohms
RF Connector: U.FL (with Locking Pigtail)
AV Connector: Solder Pads
TNR Connector: Solder Pads
Audio: None
Modulation: FM Video
Pit Frequency: User/Race Organizer Definable
Video Impedance: 75 ohms
Power Requirements: 5V DC (operates down to ~3.5V, but 5V recommended)
Power Consumption: TBD
1 Power Levels +/- 1dB

Download the User Manual Tramp Nano Manual (EN)

List Price: $54.95
Price: $54.95

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E6000 Industrial Adhesive 7.2g


E6000 is the worlds leading industrial strength adhesive. It provides a superior bond between practically any two surfaces. Use this glue to attach glass or gemstone cabochons to sterling silver studs or even cufflinks! Completely waterproof and virtually impossible to break once it cures.

• Bonds to glass, wood, plastics, tin, metal, ceramic, cement, rubber, vinyl, leather, fabric and much more
• Dries clear
• Photo safe
• Paintable
• Temperature resistant
• Non-flammable once cured

Follow these step-by-step directions when using E6000 Craft:

We recommend you read all directions and perform a small test before use.
1. Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dirt. For best results, roughen surface slightly before use.
2. Puncture seal in neck of tube using pointer cap. Application temperature 10 to 32 °C (50 to 90 °F)
3. Apply directly to the surfaces to be bonded or repaired.
4. Allow around 24 hours to curing. Maximum bond strength may take upto 72 hours.
5. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the thread of the tube before replacing the cap.
6. Uncured adhesive can be cleaned off with acetone or citrus-based solvents.

Note: E6000 is not recommended for use on styrofoam, polystyrene, polyethylene or polypropylene plastics.

List Price: $3.50
Price: $3.50
SKU: E6000

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RunCam Swift Mini 2 JohnnyFPV Edition 2.3mm Lens


RunCam Swift Mini 2 JohnnyFPV Edition

Model RunCam Swift Mini 2 JohnnyFPV Edition
Image Sensor 1/3" SONY Super HAD II CCD
Horizontal Resolution 600TVL
Lens 2.1mm ​(M12)​ FOV165° / 2.3mm(M12) FOV 150°
Signal System PAL/NTSC Non Switchable
Integrated OSD Yes
One Key Scene Personal / Lightrax / Outdoor / Indoor / Cloudy / Twilight
S/N Ratio >60dB (AGC OFF)
Electronic Shutter Speed PAL: 1/50~100,000; NTSC: 1/60~100,000
Auto Gain Control (AGC) Yes
Min. Illumination 0.01Lux@1.2F
Day/Night Color/Auto/B&W
Power DC 5-36V
Current 120mA@5V / 60mA@12V
Net Weight 12g
Dimensions L22.3mm*W22mm*H26mm

List Price: $54.70
Price: $48.80

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Spedix IS35 4in1 20x20 ESC (5S/35A/BLHeli_S)


The IS35 is a new 35A 20x20 4in1 running BLHeli_S that comes with current monitoring. It comes with cables to enable direct connection to flight controllers, just make sure your wiring is in the correct order, double/triple check it.

High reliability.
This design allows low profile stack and prevent interferences between wires, ESC, and flight controller.
The potential interference between standoffs and electronic parts were also taken into consideration in the design. Fragile parts are now away from the mounting holes.
The silicone rings provided will prevent the standoffs to short the PCB and electronics parts during a crash.
The small size and square shape of the ESC board is compatible with most frames available in the market.
The product comes with 2 different cables and spare connector housings to accomodate the multipin connectors used on different flight controllers.

Input Voltage: 2-5S
Max. Continuous Current: 35A
Max Burst Current: 45A (10 sec.)
Firmware: Blheli_S
Current Detection: Yes
Stack Size: 20x20mm, M3
Weight: 7G

List Price: $62.00
Price: $62.00
SKU: SPX-71074

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Spedix GS40F 4in1 20x20 ESC (6S/40A/BLHeli32)


Spedix GS40F Mini is an reliable 20x20mm 6S 4-In-1 ESC. Limited by the smaller size of 20x20mm ESC, engineers have usually used a 3mm mini MOSFET, which is vulnerable to the ever-growing demand of power and current/voltage of the FPV market.

With Spedix's innovative design, separating the control board and the power board, they have successfully implemented a full-size 5x6mm MOSFET onto this 20x20mm ESC.

By combining reliable hardware with the fastest GD32F3 MCU in the market, Spedix is able to present you with a high performance mini 20x20mm ESC of extreme reliability and responsiveness.

Innovative double deck design enables the implementation of full-size 5*6 MOSFET on 20*20mm mini 4IN1 ESC.
40V MOSFET improves the overall reliability in fast response to throttle signals,making the 6 cell input capable in the real world
GD32F3 MCU provides highest responsiveness in the market.
Extremely small size makes mounting on smaller frames easier than ever.


Brand: Spedix
Model: GS40F Mini 4 in 1
Input: 3-6 Cell LiPo
Continues Current: 40A
Burst Current: 50A (10 Seconds max)
Firmware: Blheli-32
Dimensions: 40x31x8mm
Mounting holes: 20x20mm

List Price: $89.95
Price: $89.95
SKU: SPX-71077

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