Tinys LEDS - Tiny Rainbow RGB LEDs



Please do not power these from anything high than 5 volts. You will fry them.

4 LED 5050 Addressable RGB Rigid Boards
Size: 8 x 29 x 2.25mm
Current Draw: 240mA on Full White, Less with other colors.
Fully addressable via flight controller.
Data in and out on each side for easy wiring and daisy chaining.
These will fit on a WhitenoiseFPV's Racewire boards. You must use some isolation between boards to prevent short circuits.
These LEDs do not have the small capacitor like other boards. This is to provide more clean power to the LEDs. I have been running them without for a while and no issues. They were removed to make smaller boards. This will be great for 2"-7"!

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Price: $3.40

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