Spedix IS35 4in1 20x20 ESC (5S/35A/BLHeli_S)


The IS35 is a new 35A 20x20 4in1 running BLHeli_S that comes with current monitoring. It comes with cables to enable direct connection to flight controllers, just make sure your wiring is in the correct order, double/triple check it.

High reliability.
This design allows low profile stack and prevent interferences between wires, ESC, and flight controller.
The potential interference between standoffs and electronic parts were also taken into consideration in the design. Fragile parts are now away from the mounting holes.
The silicone rings provided will prevent the standoffs to short the PCB and electronics parts during a crash.
The small size and square shape of the ESC board is compatible with most frames available in the market.
The product comes with 2 different cables and spare connector housings to accomodate the multipin connectors used on different flight controllers.

Input Voltage: 2-5S
Max. Continuous Current: 35A
Max Burst Current: 45A (10 sec.)
Firmware: Blheli_S
Current Detection: Yes
Stack Size: 20x20mm, M3
Weight: 7G

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Price: $62.00
SKU: SPX-71074

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