Some changes are afoot.

Not sure how much attention gets paid to the site, but there's been changes floating around the site. The logo in the top left has evolved from RCBits to FPVBits. Both and just redirect to here.

Even though the site name is changing to FPVBits, it's still all running on the OG RCBits back-end, so my email address will keep the same as will the domain that sends out the order invoice emails, yada yada, nothing major here.

I'm also now updating the catalogue structure a fair bit to make it more FPV-centric and easy for people to find products. All the RC Helicopter stuff is being removed from the site as it sells out and has been lumped together under the new Legacy Heli Bits category.

If you're having problems finding anything, feel free to whinge to me directly: and I'll sort it out.