MIP Speed Tip 2.0mm BALL END Wrench (9010S)


Package Includes:

1 x 2.5mm Ball End Speed Tip™ Wrench w/ label and wrap

Special Features:

Reach difficult angled screw heads
Designed to work up to 10 Degrees of angle
Speed Tip Version speeds up wrench time considerably
Super beefy ball end cut designed to increase overall tool head strength
Ball end dimensions optimized to increase tool head to screw head bite force.

Reviewer Testimony:

“Many 2.5mm ball-end tools I have used in the past just end up stripping out the head of the screw and then I have a bigger issue. Not the MIP 2.0 mm ball end wrench it’s almost like using a full size 2.5 at an angle! This tool instills confidence when I’m at a radical angle that I can remove or install a screw without it stripping and that’s its main purpose. Props to MIP for the job well done.”

Tool Makeup:

Fits any 1/4" inch chuck handle or drill in order to speed up wrench time!
Tool hex cut with diamond wheel for ultimate precision
Tool shank CNC ground from US Grade tool steel drill blanks
Tight tolerances held within 20 Microns which is .02 mm and moreover .0008 in. ! To put that into perspective that's like taking a human hair and dividing it by 4 !
Every tool assembled by hand
Manufactured and packaged 100% in the USA


Highly regarded as the #1 Tool in the RC industry
20 plus years of production
Used by World Champions and hobbyists alike around the World
Trusted wrench to get out stripped screws other sub par tools create

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Price: $22.00
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