LX0652 - Steel Pinion Slant 12T Mod 0.5 X STD Blade Motor Shaft


Slant! Slant! Slant!

Finally available for your 300-450X the helicoidally “slant” main gear option!

Lynx define OEM Hard Steel Slant Pinion for the 300-450X Slant Main Gear LX0330.

Our pinions are made with high-tensile stretch carbon steel followed by thermal treatment to achieve the best mechanical and wear resistance.

Lynx offer a new slant pinion 12T for 300-450X standard motor shaft that offer extra gear ratio over the one sale on combo pack.

Ratio with 12T Pinion and LX0330 (136 tooth Main Gear) Ratio: 11.33


- 1 x Slant Pinion 12T – STD 300-450X motor Shaft

- 1 x Set Screw M3x3

List Price: $5.40
Price: $3.50

In Stock: Totally in stock right now