LX0565 - 130 X - Pro Edition Swashplate Service Bag


Service pack per Lynx 130X Pro Edition Swash Plate p/n LX0320 and LX0389


- 5 x Link Ball 3X2.5

- 1 X 130X Swash Center Ball

- 1 X anti rotation pin

- 1 X anti rotation pin guide

- 2 X Screw M1.4 x 3 PAN Head Screw

- 2 X Screw M1.4 x 8 PAN Head Screw

- 5 X O-Ring Silicon Red


Link Ball 3X2.5 and Anti Rotation Pin: Remove original one using Hex Screw Driver 1.3mm or a Pliers and heat with lighter or solder iron the ball in order to remove it easy. Remember add lock thread once new one linkage ball are installed, not over tighten.

Swash Center Ball: Remove the original one from the lower swash plate side, rotate the ball 90 degree and push it out from dedicated slot. Clean the swash cavity and insert new Swash center ball in the same way you remove it, insert the ball and then rotate it 90 degree in the fly position.

O-Ring Silicone Red: insert it pushing carefully with fingers over the link ball; don’t use tools that can easy damage it.

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