LX0299 - 450 X - Adjustable Motor Mount With Heat Sinks


The 450X is an amazing 450 class RTF helicopter. Lynx has looked closely at the helicopter’s performance, and we have found a number of areas for improvement. One issue we noted was the standard motor becomes very hot while flying. Our solution has been to design a special motor mount with integrated heat sink to optimize the efficacy of motor cooling. Dedicated ribs placed were the air flow is greatest assure superior thermal exchange.

Lynx has also been listening to pilot requests for a more powerful motor upgrade. Current compatible motors have a lower KV than the standard motor so it is necessary to move the motor to allow the use of a larger pinion. Our motor mount has the following features:

- Improved cooling to help the motor run cooler leading to better performance and stable power.

- Special double motor adjustment (frame position as normal and additionally adjustment in the motor plate) – this allows the installation of 15 tooth pinions.

- Special asymmetrical design to give a large window for oversize motor wires.

- Unique and stylish Lynx design

- 100% compatible replacement for the standard 450X motor mount

- Thermal analysis software interfaced with FEA (final elements analysis) assisted design for the best compromise of design weight, and thermal dissipation efficiently.


- Motor heat sink material: Aluminum 6061-T6 – Silver anodized finish

- Hardware material: Carbon steel class 12.9


- 1 x 450X CNC motor heat sink mount

- 4 x Hex cap screw M2.5x8

- 4 x Frame C washer 2.5mm - silver color

- 2 x Button head cap screw M3x8

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