Loctite 268 (RED) 9 Gram Stick


Container is similar to a glue stick and application follows that same idea. Incredibly convenient! Use Red Loctite on bolts that you don't want moving. Ever. Seriously. Red Loctite is permanent.

- Locks threaded fasteners against any loosening.
- Ideal for nut and bolt applications in which you're not planning to remove the bolt.
- Prevents threads from rusting and leaking.
- Not removable by normal means. You have to heat up the bolt to extreme temperatures to break down the Red Loctite. This can be done with a soldering iron and some patience.

- Temperature range: -65 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (-54 degrees to 149 degrees Celsius)
- Contains 9 grams of Blue Loctite in a thick paste form.
- Cures in 10 minutes.

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