ImmersionRC Ghost JR Module


Ghost is a 2.4GHz Radio Control system for R/C Model Control, with a focus on the FPV community.

Designed for both reliable control at extreme range, and extremely low latency with best-in-class frame rate for the Race circuit.


Frequency Range : 2406 - 2479MHz
Modulation: Chirp Spread Spectrum + Adaptive FHSS
Binding: Bidirectional with confirmation and protocol negotiation
RF Profiles: Race, Pure Race, ‘Normal’, and Long Range, more to come
Uplink Tx Power: 16uW - 350mW (+/- 0.5dB) 3
Frame Rate: 222.22Hz (purerace), 166Hz (race), 62Hz (normal), 15Hz (long range)
Format: Standard JR Module:, tested with FrSky Taranis™, and RadioMaster™ radios
Compatibility: Any R/C Tx which accepts JR modules (Taranis, etc. )
Serial Formats: SBus, GHST 1 - Auto-Sense
Firmware: USB Upgradable(with OTA updates for receivers)
Power Supply: 6V-20V, 1.75W @ 400mW, ~250mA at 7.4V


1 x ImmersionRC Ghost JR Module (TX)

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Price: $124.95

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