IBCrazy 5.8 GHz Airblade RaceSpec Antenna LHCP


Designed with the Professional FPV racer in mind, these antennas combine small form and high durability with top-notch performance for the ultimate competitive advantage. These antennas have strengthened cables with a special low profile choke to ensure the highest axial ratio and video clarity. While they do run exposed, the antennas have a large reinfored nylon hub at the feed which will allow a racer to repeatedly bend them back to shape and fly again after many crashes.

Gain: 1.5dbic
Axial Ratio: .79

Polarization: Left Hand Circular (LHCP)

Package includes: 1- Airblade RaceSpec antenna, 1-RPSMA adapter, 1- VAS Finger Wrench

List Price: $39.50
Price: $26.00

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