HyperLite Deluxe Package 4mm Chamfered Edge Arms


This is the Pyro Drone HyperLite. A competitive mini size FPV racing frame. It's designed purely for racing with its stretched X geometry which gives it great handling in corners and turns.


- 205.3mm stretched “X” geometry ­ as long as a 6” but wide as a 5"
- Multi Unit construction with minimal hardware (It’s better than a unibody frame.)
- Structurally stiffer than typical designs unibody frame.
- 65g of CF, 9g hardware in the 4mm version
- Arms cut along the carbon weave for significantly increased stiffness and strength
- Low Vtx antenna mount with option to tie mast to top plate
- Pigtail Vtx antenna mount, no more broken VTx’s
- Battery connector stress relieving tie down
- Lightest possible HD camera mount
- Easy to work on electronics layout. Access to your Vtx to change channels
- Easy to change battery and HD camera straps
- Motor bumpers that don’t cause too much drag or add weight
- 1 x LED system for under arm illumination (Matek 5050/16V part #3195 with Tpu protection case ) Black Color
- 1 x TPU FPV camera mount with integrated RX antenna tube holes (tubes not included) Black Color
- 1 x Matek Mini power hub PDB Part #3067

List Price: $125.00
Price: $75.00

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