Gemfan Floppy Proppy 6" Foldable Prop - Red


Gemfan is well known for their great design that provides both responsiveness and durability!
The Floppy Proppy is Gemfan's approach to the folding props

Type: F6030
Material: PC
Colors: Clear Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue
Adapter Rings: NO
Blades: 3 Blades
Pitch: 3.0mm
Prop Disk Diameter: 152.8mm
Center Hub Thickness: 7mm
Center Hole Inner Diameter: 5mm (POPO Compatible)
MaxProp Width: 17mm
Weight: 6g

Package Includes:
1 x Hub Assembly
2 x CW Prop
2 x CCW Prop

List Price: $6.00
Price: $6.00
SKU: PCF6030-R

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