FatShark New Ultimate Fit Kit (HDO2)


The Ultimate Fat Shark FSV2656 New Ultimate Fit Kit for HDO2 series of goggles has everything needed for long term fit and comfort. New and improved foam with side wedges for a better and more comfortable fit on your face for the HDO2 goggles.

Foam is easily removed and adjusted.
Include everything you needed for long term fit and comfort.
Works with all fat shark faceplace model, such as FSV2617, FSV2618.
Same as the set that comes with your goggles, you can wear through the set eventually.
This is the direct replacement in fatshark packaging.


1x Main foam
2x Side wedges
2x Small wedges
2x Doubled sided circular foam pads

List Price: $13.95
Price: $13.95
SKU: FSV2656

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