Digital Multimeter



using a new type of anti vibration protective sleeve, streamline design, beautiful appearance, comfortable feel
large screen display, strong reading
antimagnetic, strong anti-interference ability
change the traditional automatic power, normal operation without power
full protection, anti high voltage ignition circuit design, to prevent burning table
automatic restoration of the protection circuit design

Special Functions

Diode test - yes
Transistor test - yes
On-off alarm - yes
Low voltage display- yes
Automatic shutdown - yes
Function protection - yes
Self recovery insurance protection - yes
Earthquake protection - yes
Input impedance - 10M ohm
Sampling frequency - 3 second/s
Ac frequency response - (40-400)Hz
Operation mode - manual range
Maximum display - 1999


DC voltage - 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V
AC voltage - 200mV/2V/20V/200V/700V
Direct current - 200uA/20mA/200mA/10A
Alternating current - 2mA/20mA/200mA/10A
resistance - 200/2k/20k/200k/20M ohm
Capacitance - 20nF/200nF/2uF/20uF/2000uF

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