BetaFPV F4 1S Brushless Flight Controller V2.2 - No RX


This is the lightest F4 1S brushless FC in the current market. Upgraded to V2.2, we have optimized the design of power supply for a stable flying experience. With BT2.0 connector, slim and sleek design, 2.69g in weight and better performance on function for maximum weight savings, power, and responsiveness.

Equips with BT2.0 connector, all 1S brushless drones will gain stronger powerful and perfect performance. Specially made for 1S brushless whoop with F411 chip. A great choice for building Beta65 Pro and Beta75 Pro.

Know more about the BT2.0 connector.

Ultra-compact with 2.69g weight(No include power cable), this FC is ready and waiting to take residence within your 1S micro FPV aircraft of choice, which could save much weight for a faster fly experience.

Want to try Silverware firmware on your 1S brushless drone, please check the Lite 1S flight controller board.


CPU: STM32F411CEU6 ( 100MHZ )
Six-Axis: MPU-6000 triaxial accelerometer / triaxial gyroscope (SPI connection)
Size: 29mm x 29mm, fully compatible with the whoop frame in the current market, Beta65 Pro frame, Beta75 Pro frame, BWhoop B06 frame, and mounting pattern
Firmware version: Betaflight MATEKF411
Compatible with Z02, A01, M01 VTX
OSD: Built-in BetaFlight OSD (STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode)
Power Cable: 55mm, with BT2.0 connector
Weight: 2.69g


Power supply: 1S
Current: 5A continuous and peak 6A (3 seconds)
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
Factory firmware: O_H_5_REV16_6.HEX
Signal Support: D-shot150, D-shot300, D-shot600, Oneshot125, Multishot, PWM


Battery: BT2.0 300mAh 1S Battery
Frame: Beta65 Pro frame / Beta75 Pro frame
Props: 31mm 4-Blades props (for Beta65 Pro frame) / 40mm 4-blades props (for Beta75 Pro frame)
Motors: 0603 motors / 0703 motors / 0802 motors


1 * F4 1S brushless flight controller(BT2.0 Connector)
4 * M1.2x4mm screws
4 * M1.4x5mm screws
4 * Anti-vibration rubber dampers

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