BetaFPV 0802-22000KV Brushless Motors (4pcs)


The 0802 motors are the latest brushless motors from BetaFPV which provide insane power for your brushless whoop.

Latest features include:

- Using ball bearing in the 22000/19500 high KV 0802 motors. Motion provided by linear ball bearings is generally smoother than brass bushings. Also, the motor is more durable in high RPM.
- Lead wire soldered to the PCB, which allows you to repair it easier once disconnection.

Awesome performance on power and thrust, perfect design on dynamic balance, high recommend for brushless whoop drone. There are 4 different KV value for your choice, you can pick the perfect motor for your drone. A 1.0mm header pins connector is included. So no soldering needed, just plug and play.

Existing features include:

- 0802 22000KV/19500KV/17500KV motors are suitable for 1S brushless drone - Beta65 Pro and Beta75 Pro.
- 0802 12000KV motors are for 2S brushless drone, like Beta65 Pro 2 and Beta75 Pro 2. The representation for power, experience the fast and powerful outdoor flight.
- Perfect for indoor high-speed flying, the power of 19500KV motors are obviously improved with the flight time of 3mins.
- Shaft diameter is 1.0mm, come with Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector, convenience for installation.
- Compatible with 1S and 2S lipo battery, focusing on power, efficiency and durability.

Package includes:

4 * BETAFPV 0802 Brushless Motors(22000KV/19500KV/17500KV/12000KV)
1 * Pack of M1.4*3 screws

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