Aerum Polar P 5G8


Dual polarized transmitter antenna that sends out LHCP and RHCP signals at the same time! Perfect for challenging race conditions where linear receiver antennas are present. Paired with the Aerum Polar P this antenna delivers a robust video signal without causing drag.

Patented PCB antenna
Integrated filter
Near-perfect cross-polarized reception pattern
Two antennas in one
Dimensions: 35x35x1 mm
Weight: 3.5g

FPV Antennas in a PCB!

With PCB technology it is possible to design more reproducible and finer structures and to tighter tolerances. The FR4 material is resistant to impact and lightweight. The flat structure makes it nearly without air resistance when mounted in direction of flight!

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About Aerum Polar

Patented MIMO antennas. Aerodynamic and lightweight. Aerum Polar is a new style of PCB Antenna engineered in Germany for the car industry. Together with TBS the antennas were appropriated for the FPV market.

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