4257 KBDD 4mm Paddles 90 Size Extreme Edition - Pearl Orange


Fits 90 & 700 Size Helicopters Using 4mm Flybar

Finally, extreme 3D maneuvers with stability. KBDD paddles also provide rock solid performance for FAI or scale flying. The paddles for the 30/50 size helicopters can accept a 3mm flybar while the paddles for the 90 size helicopters can accept a 4mm flybar. The paddles weigh approximately 15g and are weight matched to within .05g. The front flybar hole is threaded and will be the one most preferred. The rear hole should be used at your own risk as our pilots flew the most aggressive 3D maneuvers using the front hole. The rear hole can easily be threaded with the flybar taking care to remove the cuttings as you go.

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