4003 KBDD 84mm Night Tail Blade Kit w/Ultra UV LED


Our night blades are unlike anything seen before. Not only do they handle exceptionally well, they glow in the dark. We send them as a kit including a pre-wired Ultra-Violet LED. The 59.6 has a 5mm LED. The 84mm and 102mm comes with an Ultra Bright LED cluster. The LEDs keep the blades charged.

If you should lose electrical power during a night flight the tail blades will continue to glow brightly to allow you to recover the helicopter safely. This allows night flights without adding extra weight from glow sticks. The helicopter has the same characteristics at night as it does during the day with our product.

Our Helicopter tail blades are created using a complex combination of materials which provide the perfect mix of strength and flexibility. The blades have a very large surface area, yet weigh very little. We currently provide them in three sizes.

The 59.6mm length is our smallest blade which weighs 1.5g. This size fits the popular Trex 450.

The next larger is the 84mm for the 30/50 size helicopters weighing just 3.8g.
The final blade is the 102mm and is for the 60/90 helicopters. This blade weighs only 6g.

Weight is per blade.

LED can be powered directly by 2S or 3S Lipo.

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