Gaui NX4 Mega Combo!

We've put together an awesome Gaui NX4 Mega Combo which includes everything (except a receiver) to get it in the air.

You get:

1x Gaui NX4 Basic Kit G-313001
1x OS 37 SZ-H Ring Helicopter Engine OS14000
1x 922518 - GS-518 Coreless metal gear Mini Servo G-922518
4x 922511 - GS-511 Coreless metal gear Mini Servo G-922511
1x MIK4357 - Mini VBar "Blueline" 5.0 Express MIK4357
1x 944010 - Gaui Engine Governor G-944010
1x 850001 - GAUI automatic glow starter G-850001
1x 849001 - Gaui 30 Class Muffler G-849001
1x Hyperion LiFePO4 6.6V 1450mAh Receiver Battery HYP-FG305-1450-2S
1x EDGE 423mm FBL Blemished Blades LE-423FBL-BLEM

And its priced at $1350! We aren't putting together many of these so you'd be a smart man to get in quickly.

The shipments marched by two by two hoorah, hoorah.

We've been stocking up on all sorts of things after the Christmas / NYE period. Boy have we been getting some phat shipments in!

So far we've received the following and processed them:

- Skookum shipment (a couple of SK540's)
- Edge shipment (lotsaaaa blades)
- Gryphon shipment (lotsaaa regs)
- Lynx shipment (so many new parts omg)

You can find out what's new by checking out our "New Bits" section.

I took a few good flight videos while I was away too, you can find them on our youtube channel and I also linked them via our facebook. When I get some more time I'll share them here on the front page of our website as well.

Well that's hai and goodbye.

SAB Goblin 500 Pre-Order Time!

Hey there boys and girls.

Not sure if you've noticed yet or not, but we're now accepting pre-orders for the SAB Goblin 500 helicopter.

Here is where you go to place your pre-order, you have two choices of colour.

We are only allowing pre-orders on the quantities we are expecting from the first batch, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. There isn't many left!

Gaui NX4 parts are now online!

Well it's taken me a good while to sit down and get it all done, but I'm pleased to announce that all the Gaui NX4 parts are now up on the website and available for purchase.

Enjoy fellas!

Shipments processed: RC Logger

RC Logger goodies have just arrived. More Digital Pitch Gauge 2's, more RC Eye Ones, and a couple of new goodies. Check out our new bits to find out what's in.

Christmas Trading.

We will continue to ship orders out through the holiday season where possible. Tentatively, the days orders will be shipped are:

- Monday 24th
- Thursday 27th
- Friday 28th
- January 3rd

...and from there, normality shall resume.

Timmy's going away for a few weeks, so forget about him, he's dead to us.

Have a Happy Christmas and New Year everybody!

Update on the 10/10/10 Sale

So with Christmas right upon us and everything getting chaotic, our cut-over evenings for the 10/10/10 sale have slipped somewhat. To correct this, I've decided to slash 10% of all 10 of the product lines until the end of the sale period. Have at thee!

The following lines are now all on special:

- Everything Align
- RCBooya
- Beam
- RCScrewz
- Galaxy Batteries
- NextD Rave 450 and ENV parts
- Custom Heli Parts upgrades
- Everything QuickUK

No need for coupon codes, all discount prices are visible to all. This sale is on until the 17th of January (10 weeks from the initial start date). Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Week 5 of the RCBits 10/10/10 Sale!

We've entered our fifth week of our 10/10/10 Sale. This week we've got 10% off all Beam E4 and Beam AvantGarde parts.

More Beam parts will be coming to us in the near future, there's a revision to the E4 as well as the AvantGarde so now is the ideal time to stock up on some spare parts for your current model so you can get through the flying season with minimal downtime. Hooray!

Gaui NX4 and X5 Pre-Christmas Specials

As a lead up to Christmas we've got a couple of great deals with the NX4 and X5 Gaui kits on offer right now.

The NX4 Combo includes an Engine, Pipe and Gryphon Push-button glow device for a smooth $675.

The Gaui X5 combo A (airframe + Mini V-bar) now comes with a FREE set of Edge 523mm FBL blades.

We've only got a couple of each available, so its first in best dressed on these sweet deals.

3DX China 2012 - Pictures and Videos

Well last weekend I happened to be in the neighbourhood in China and decided to pop by the 3DX China event to give some moral support to Marco and Vas.

Whilst I was there, I took a bunch of photos and videos of the event and have just finished getting them online.

You can see all the youtube videos here.

And for the photos - check out our facebook page, or if you want to view the 3DX China album itself, click here.

Just as a sampler, here's my favourite photo from the event. Let me introduce to you, Tony Tseung the wifi hotspot.