An afternoon at the Kambah RC race track

An afternoon at the Kambah RC race track (ACTMCRC) from RCMedia on Vimeo.

Some friends were out cruising around in their RC cars this afternoon at the track so I thought I'd pop by and have a bit of practise filming it with the Discovery Pro. So, here's a mashup of some of the driving and carnage from today.

Song: Da Shootaz "Joyride"

The warehouse now has a telephone number!

We've got a new telephone number in the warehouse now so our contact details have been updated. Shanny will be around to answer it when she's working away getting the orders out the door. Our old number is still working and goes to the office, but we'll be phasing it out over the coming months.

You can find out contact details on the "Contact" page of this very website... The link is up the top... or just click the orange text you just read a moment ago.

FPV at Orroral Valley

We were introduced by a fellow local RC enthusiast to a place called Orroral Valley. It is situated just south of Canberra in the Namadgi National Park. This is a great place for FPV flying (wings and multi-rotors) with plenty of wide open spaces, lots of features (such as some buildings, trees, rocks and plenty of kangaroos) and its only about 30 minutes drive from my home.

I've flown out here twice so far with a few of the other guys and we really like it.

Here's a mashup video from our second visit there, with some soothing Groove Armada background music. Enjoy!

Orroral Valley Revisisted from RCMedia on Vimeo.

Christmas Trading Hours for 2013

Christmas, oh right right right, its in like 2 days time!

Just wanted to let you all know, that we are shipping today and tomorrow (the 24th of December) but will be closed from Christmas day (Wednesday the 25th) until Monday the 13th of January. Some orders may get shipped the week before (it depends how Timmy is feeling really), but officially we're closed until the 13th.

The team would like to thank all our customers for your support this year, have a Merry Christmas and New Year, be safe and see you all in 2014!

<3 from all of us.

10%-50% OFF EVERYTHING last minute New Year sale!

With Xmas and the new year only just around the corner - we figured we should throw a storewide sale on everything we have in stock from now until NYE.

You may have done your Xmas shopping for your family and friends already, but did you remember to get that special present for your helicopter?

What's on sale? Everything
How much? Everything is discounted from 10% up to 50% off.
Till when? Until the 31st of December or while stocks last.
What's the catch? Sale is only on items in stock, pre-order items are excluded. Sorry no rainchecks bro

The sale prices are already in effect. It has started, gogo!

Dunkan Bossion and his Gaui X3

No words, just watch and try to keep up.

FPV at the Williamsdale RC Helicopter Field

And another one. This time I do a bit of formation flying with Joe and I watch on as he herds a bunch of sheep in the adjacent paddock. Poor sheep.

FPV - NSFC Williamsdale Field from RCMedia on Vimeo.

FPV action on Urambi Hills

This is another good spot we've been doing a bit of FPV flying at lately. Here's another video I slapped together.

FPV action over Kambah Pool

We've been dabbling in a bit of the ol' FPV lately and I managed to get down to Kambah Pool near where I live to film Jeremy and his mate canoeing down the river. I edited a bit of a video to show the better shots from the adventure. Check it out.

This was all filmed using a GoPro Hero3 from a TBS Discovery Pro airframe

FPV - Kambah Pool from RCMedia on Vimeo.

Gaui X3 Combo with ESC / Motor. Sick lad!

Feast your eyes children on the Gaui X3 combo with 6s ESC and Motor we have on offer now. You save yourself a decent amount of coin and you don't have to worry about fussing about with different ESC and motor options, we've picked a decent combination as suggested by Gaui for you!

All you gotta add to get this bird flying is your choice of flybarless unit, receiver and your choice of servos.

We have not included a pinion with this combo because you may want a tame flying model, or perhaps you want the crazy Peter Hsaio setup that flies like a wasp on crack (see video below).

Either way, the model is rather versatile with how you wanna fly it. Just be sure to make good choices, such as this combo offer.

As usual with these kind of things, stocks are limited, beat the tears and disappointment that comes with patience and throw your paypal monies at us!