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DALPROP Cyclone T5045C Cyclone 5" 3 Blade Props (20pcs) - Noctilucent


Dalprop high-end CYCLONE series, features faster reaction, easier cornering and less noise, excellent aerodynamics design make them ideal for drone racing. 5mm inner diameter,more durable,survive from crashes

Available in packs of 20pcs (10CW & 10CCW / 5 sets of 4) in 7 different crystal colours

List Price: $18.95
Price: $18.95
SKU: T5045CN

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Furious True-D V3 Diversity Receiver System


Furious TRUE-D V3 Diversity Receiver System - Clarity Redefined.

The best gets better with Furious FPV's TRUE-D V3 - an evolution of the most popular diversity system on the market today. With the V3, we've refined the TRUE-D with all new ergonomics and functionality, offering a unrivaled system that is designed to optimize your FatShark experience like no other receiver system available today.

Ergonomically sound with added levels of durability, we've introduced a multi button approach that does away with the previous scroll wheel to help better navigate the menu with goggles on or off. This new design also allows us to take advantage of built in FatShark hardware, offering on / off capabilities with the FatShark goggle buttons.

Incorporating all new firmware that is easier to use and more powerful than ever, the TRUE-D V3 utilizes an all new USB port for easy firmware updates, making new firmware installations painless, simple and to the point. Add in additional modules to help dissipate heat, the V3 also integrates a built in low voltage buzzer, providing pilots with crucial warning when power gets low.

Unlike average diversity systems that simply alternate channels at predetermined points, the Furious TRUE-D actively searches for the greatest level of signal strength via Smooth Switch technology - choosing the highest strength output for maximum video clarity. And with the new V3 system, a higher resolution RSSI is utilized with greater antenna switching capability, offering even better signal resolution & video clarity than any other model on the market today.

With a total of (40) available channels, the TRUE-D is hyper flexible, offering Manual Channel Setup, Auto Search Mode, and Working Channel Mode. These different selections provide the end user with total control, allowing you to select what works the very best when it comes to your FPV systems.

Complicated and time consuming setup? Not a chance. Step into Easy View - an ultra simple interface that utilizes a high resolution LCD screen for all setup functionality. With the brand new multi button V3 interface, programming your TRUE-D is easier than ever, allowing instantaneous levels of adjustment via the optimized 3 button layout.

Compact and designed to be housed within the FatShark Dominator goggle sets, the Furious TRUE-D V3 system is a true "plug and play" setup that will pay massive dividends when it comes to pushing your FPV to the limits. With all new V3 capability, you are moments away from the very best FPV upgrade available today, providing epic levels of FPV clarity that must be seen to believe.

All New V3 Updates:

Ergonomic & Robust 3 Button Layout
Single Press Button via FatShark Goggles or TRUE-D System
Power On / Power Off Functionality To Conserve Power & Reduce Thermal Loading
Increased RSSI with Better Antenna Switching Algorithm
Built In Low Power Buzzer
Separate Modules To Decrease Thermal Loading
New USB Port for Easy Firmware Updates
Brand New Firmware for Greater Levels of Functionality & Simplicity

True Diversity System Functionality
Smooth Switch Video Switching Technology
Raceband Channel Ready
Multiple Channel Modes - Auto, Manual & Working Modes
Ultra Compact
Designed for the FatShark Dominator V2 & V3 Goggles
Built In Easy View LCD Screen for the Ultimate in Setup Ease

SMA Style: SMA Jack Connector / Female
Working Frequency: 5.8GHz
Application: FatShark Dominator V2 & V3 Goggles
Number of Channels: (40) Channels
(1) Furious FPV TRUE-D V3 Diversity Receiver System
(1) Plastic Housing w/ Setup View Finder
(1) 45 Degree SMA connector
(1) 90 Degree SMA connector
What Does Diversity Do For Me?
A Diversity receiver system is (2) receivers built into (1) package, allowing the pilot to choose (2) very different antenna systems for maximum levels of video range & clarity.

The most common antenna used is an omni-directional circular polarized antenna, which provides a specified element of range all around you. However, this radius of video range is limited, and after a specified distance, the video signal will degrade and fall away.

With a Diversity receiver, a 2nd antenna system can be used, allowing a more directional antenna to be chosen for much greater range. Directional antennas far outpace omni directional antennas in overall distance, and even though the beam pattern is more narrow than an omni antenna, directional antennas will certainly increase the given range available, equating to solid video clarity without frustrating signal losses.

With Diversity, you don't need to choose (1) antenna style over another. By pairing (2) vastly different antenna systems for a perfect mix of range and video clarity, the TRUE-D Diversity system rapidly switches between the (2) built in receivers, allowing the best overall signal strength to be utilized for maximum video clarity.

True Diversity Technology
With (2) receivers working together as (1), your video clarity & overall range is optimized as the TRUE-D Diversity system actively searches for the highest signal quality for maximum video clarity. Add an upgraded & optimized RSSI, and the V3 TRUE-D performs like never before with the very best antenna switching algorithms.

Smooth Switch Video
Instantaneously switching between antennas for optimum signal strength, Smooth Switch technology keeps your head in the race with the very best video quality available.

Updated 3 Button Layout
Stronger, easier and even more functional, we've incorporated an all new 3 button layout, allowing easy access to the entire TRUE-D menu. This allows easy access with the goggles on or off, providing an intuitive and robust interface that is simple and easy to use.

Easy View Simplicity
Make FPV ultra simple with Easy View technology. With Easy View, you are a finger press away from every adjustment you could possibly need, displayed in an easy to ready layout - all with the ease and simplicity of our new 3 button layout.

Push Button Power Up
To better conserve battery power and limit thermal loading, the TRUE-D V3 can be powered on & off via the stock FatShark button interface, or via the TRUE-D system itself. This allows you to have the TRUE-D in use when you need it and powered down when you don't, saving precious battery power for FPV that matters.

Working Mode
Offering you the ability to save (8) total channels, Working Mode makes it easy for you to choose the best channel based upon past preferences for the best known performance.

Manual Mode
Straightforward and to the point, Manual Mode gives you complete control, allowing you to select any of the (40) channels available for optimum FPV.

Auto Mode
Make life simple. With Auto Mode, the TRUE-D system does all the work for you by locking onto the video frequency being used, allowing you to simply fly without fuss or bother.

40 Channel Ready
Optimized with a total of (40) available channels, the TRUE-D covers all the bases, allowing you to use nearly any video transmitter available today.

Ready, Set, Raceband
Ready to race with built in Raceband frequencies, the TRUE-D incorporates Raceband support for track ready application.

Dominate the Dominators
Designed specifically for the FatShark Dominator V2 & V3 goggles, the TRUE-D optimizes the very best in FPV technology with the pinnacle in video clarity.

Firmware Simplified with All New USB
Making life easy, the all new V3 TRUE-D incorporates a built in USB port, allowing firmware updates to be smooth, simple and to the point. Incorporate this with an all new easier to use updated firmware, the TRUE-D V3 is the easiest and most powerful diversity system on the market today

List Price: $113.95
Price: $113.95

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FatShark 3pc Velcro Foam Kit for Face Plates


3 piece Velcro foam kit for fatshark faceplates

Replacement foam for FatShark Dominator V2,V3, HD, HD2,HD3 & Attitude V3 series equipped with faceplate. Comes with 1 x velcro hook strip for applying to the FatShark faceplate so that foam can be easy swapped over once it becomes soiled or when a different thickness is required.


1 x Velcro strip
1 x Thin Foam
1 x Thick Foam

List Price: $7.95
Price: $7.95
SKU: FSV2628

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TBS Racetracker


Drone Racing is about being the fastest and speed comes with training and competing. Timing systems are expensive, hard to set up and often unreliable. For the first time ever, the TBS RaceTracker in partnership with Drone Squad solves all those problems. Now FPV Pilots around the world can effortlessly measure their performance for training and competition.

With Universal Video RF sensing technology, it doesn't matter what FPV aircraft your are flying: Race Quad, Tiny Whoop or Wing, the TBS RaceTracker has you covered.

TBS will also offer a simple companion-app for the TBS RaceTracker that only does lap timing.


Just place the RaceTracker on the start gate, pair it to the app and go! There is nothing that needs to be added to your drone.


The TBS RaceTracker is an innovation developed in partnership with german RF lap timing experts. Through intricate RF analysis it delivers transponderless milisecond accuracy lap times while ensuring compatibility amongst most video transmitters. The wide range of calibration features and default presets make sure that no lap time gets missed, ever! The bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) connection to your mobile device provides great range, the bright LED's on the RaceTracker allows your spotter to observe the status from far away. Thanks to a giant, 1S 3000mAh Li-Ion battery, the tracker can run for up to 6 hours and charges off a standard micro USB plug.


The included expansion port allows a host of extra features, to be added later. Firmware upgrades over the air through your smartphone app ensure that your RaceTracker is always up to date. It makes the TBS RaceTracker a safe investment into your FPV racing career, as it grows with you and only becomes more powerful over time!


Following the same formula as "BlackSheep", we have given each tracker a fully unique and individual Color + Animal nickname. This solution avoids confusion at the gates where we predict multiple trackers will be positioned in the near future :)


Weight: 96g
Dimensions: 96mm x 30mm x 35mm
Accuracy: ~5ms
Battery: 3.6V 3000mAh Li-Ion (18650 form factor)
Operating time: up to 6 hours
5.8GHz timing: 5200MHz - 5999MHz
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Mobile apps: Drone Squad & TBS Tracker

List Price: $89.00
Price: $89.00
SKU: TBS-Racetracker

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TBS Triumph Stub 5.8ghz Antenna (2pcs) SMA LHCP


While other antennas rely on copycat designs the TBS Triumph takes a giant leap in 5.8 GHz antenna technology. Video Aerial Systems LLC (IBcrazy) and Team-BlackSheep have come together to re-invent how the modern 5.8 circular polarized antenna should look and perform.

In our quest for the cleanest video signal and best range possible, we have ventured way beyond the traditional bent lobes of Cloverleaf designs and invested significant time and effort in finding the best antenna designs known to man, and modifying them specifically for FPV use.

After extensive design and testing, we focused on making sure the Triumph was durable enough to take even the toughest of abuse. After many test flights and extensive feedback from our pilots, we decided to use a double-jacket heavy duty Semi-Rigid cable and tin-plated connectors. For protection we created a special foam-filled and ultrasonic welded enclosure to secure the antenna from inbound trees, or other objects :)

Manufactured and tested to highest standards
Best in class range and signal quality
Extra compact and low weight
Ultrasonic welded and foam infused cover for ultimate crash-protection
Double-jacket semi-rigid cable for heavy impact resistance

Frequency range: 5500-6000MHz
Gain: 1.26dbic
Axial Ratio: 0.74
Cable: RG402 (heavy duty)
Weight: 8.5g - 9.8g
Height: 50mm, 1.97 in
Connector: SMA

2x TBS Triumph antenna-Stub SMA(LHCP)

List Price: $53.95
Price: $53.95

Team Blacksheep Lipo Bag


Keep your LiPos in a safe place and travel with style - all in one. The first LiPo bag in the world that doesn't scream "fire hazard" whenever you pop it out. Calm black design with safety-minded, professional icons, ensuring you right of way at all airport security checkpoints.

The text explains the current IATA dangerous goods regulations and your rights as passenger to carry the LiPos with you in carry-on luggage. What could a safety officer possibly say against something that is printed in white onto such a stylish black pouch? Laugh at your buddies who get their LiPos pulled because the label on their pouch mentions the word "fire" and "explosion" in every other sentence.

The velcro straps are super-strong, the inside is fiber material which doesn't burn and keeps the fire contained should something bad happen. Ideal for charging your LiPos, transporting them to your field or taking them along for travel.

Quality finish head to toe. In other words, business as usual.

Dont get caught out at the airport without your TBS Lipo Bag - trappy wouldn't

Size: 23 x 30 cm.

List Price: $12.95
Price: $12.95

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Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 95C 5S lipo battery pack


What is R-Line? R-Line is a brand new product line specifically designed for professional FPV racing competitions. It's the retail version of the Toppilot batteries. It's also a subsidiary of the Tattu brand. It's a higher capacity, lower internal resistance and lower landing temperatures. They are remarkably more powerful than other graphene batteries. Generally, R-Line batteries have the same specs as our popular Toppilot batteries. R-Line is currently in version 1.0. In the future different versions will also be rolled out to meet the needs of different FPV racing competitions


18.5V, 95C, 1300mAh
Stable automatic stacking technology.
The most strict single cell capacity, voltage, resistance, discharge curve matching process.
Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials.

Capacity (mAh): 1300
Voltage (V): 18.5
Discharge Rate (C): 95
Max Burst Discharge Rate (C): 190
Configuration: 4S1P
Net Weight (±20g): 200g
Length (±5mm): 70mm
Width (±2mm): 36mm
Height (±2mm): 40mm
Connector Type: XT, 60
Wire Gauge: AWG12
Wire Length (mm): 85mm
Balance Connector Type: JST, XHR

List Price: $56.95
Price: $56.95
SKU: TA13005S95

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FrSKY XSR receiver replacement antennas (2pcs)


This is a replacement 2.4GHz antenna for the FrSky XSR receiver. It requires soldering to replace.

List Price: $2.95
Price: $2.95

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Furious FPV ACROWHOOP V2 Flight Controller (FrSky)


Pushing the outer limits and beyond, Furious FPV leaves nothing unchanged in the FPV world, and when it comes to aircraft like the Inductrix, we have developed the all new Acrowhoop, allowing full aerobatic & race mode flight. Are you ready?

Introducing the very 1st F3 chip on the market in a package this compact, the Furious Acrowhoop has been designed for cutting edge FPV insanity, offering pilots the ability to push like crazy with this palm sized machine. Further this with FrSky compatible micro Rx, the Acrowhoop is nothing short of miraculous in the world of micro FPV.

With the F3 chip and MPU6000, the Acrowhoop is ready for acro & race mode via BetaFlight, offering pilots the ability to dial in what defines the way they want to fly. With the Acrowhoop, ultimate levels of FPV madness await in a feature packed layout that leaves nothing left to desire.

For fans of micro quads like the Inductrix, take your flight to an entire new world with the Acrowhoop - the pinnacle of FPV insanity via Furious FPV.

Note: This product is only compatible to FRSKY models Taranis, Taranis Plus, X9E, Horus X12S, XJT module with international firmware only (standard supplied in all Taranis remotes from NextFPV). No EU LBT yet.

Specifically Designed for the Inductrix
Acro Mode & Race Mode Ready
Industry 1st F3 Chip w/ MPU6000 at center.
New USB on top for easy access
All FETs are rated at 6.3A maximum
Ultra lightening 0.1s telemetry rate
Built-in Rx Furious FPV FR1000 up 1km long range, compatible with Frsky
SBUS with 8 channels, RSSI on channel 9
Full telemetry
LED support
Betaflight support
Light weight : 3.4g

List Price: $59.95
Price: $59.95

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FrSKY M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal For Taranis X9D & X9D Plus


Upgrade your Taranis X9D with this plug-n-play high resolution M9 Gimbal from FrSky. The highly sensitive Hall sensors will not wear out quickly. It has an extremely smooth feel with the quad ball-bearings and the metal outer construction. Thicker 4mm stick ends give you a solid link to your controls. Fully adjustable tension and easily disable the self centering axis with one screw. This is a must have accessory for achieving those precision flight maneuvers.

Please note: Purchase is for 1 x Gimbal


Hall sensor
4 ball-bearings
Adjustable tension
Can be enable or disable self centering on both axis and ratcheting on the Y axis

Supply Voltage (VCC): DC 3.0 ~ ±0.5V
Sensitivity: 2.50 mV/G
Linear Output Voltage Range:
0.1 ~ ( VCC +0.1) V
Quiescent Output (TA = 25°C, B = 0 G): 0.5 × VCC
Noise (no load): ≤40mVpp

List Price: $39.95
Price: $39.95
SKU: FrSKY-04100049

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