Let's bring you up to speed..

So there's been a heap of things going on lately, let me bring you up to speed with what the G-O is.

- Canberra funfly happened 2 weeks ago, it was good times, good funs. All that kind of thing

We've processed the following shipments lately

- RevCo Pinions
- MIP Thorpe Drivers
- Mikado bits and pieces
- RC Logger and accessories
- Rail Blades (606mm) and Tails (96mm)
- NextD Rave ENV parts
- All the new blades from CY including the FAI V2 blades and new MP7 pipe.
- KBDD Blades and dampers, new coloured MCPX blades.
- Hyperion Batteries for the MCPX (these just appeared out of no where, cool as)
- Align Trex parts (lots of these)
- Beam E4 Parts
- Some Fusion 50 bits and pieces
- Lynx Heli upgrades and accessories.. make sure you check these out!
- Digital Pitch Gauges
- MKS DS95i and MKS DS92 servos
- Gryphon electronics, got them new HV BECs in!
- A heap of stuff from Eagletree
- Rave ENV Metal bearing blocks arrived (more coming soon!)
- Hatori Pipes, 566, 968 and the new 120 pipe
- Tri Flow and Trueblood arrived as well

Weather has been a bit sub-par, so there hasn't been as much flying going on as I had intended, other than that - its been swell. And that's what's happened over the past month.