LED - 3 LED Strip - RGB (5pcs)


Three LED strip made from WS2812b LEDS. They require connection to your FC to drive colours.

The board includes a 5V gate driver to lift your 3.3v FC signal to 5V which improves the reliability. We have also included a large 10uF 25V cap on the power rail to improve overall reliability.

The package size has been shrunk making them easier to mount on the edge of your arms (31mmx5mm). These are a lot smaller than other brands..

The LEDs are 5V only are draw a max of around 180 milli-amps, typically less than half that if just a single colour is emitted.

We recommend insulating the bottom from conductive surfaces (eg. Kapton tape).

We recommend using 3M VHB to mount LEDS.

Contains 5 LED strips.

List Price: $14.00
Price: $14.00

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