Hyperlite Floss 2 & 2.1 "MAYDAY" Canopy with Axii Stubby mount


This is the updated version that works with Floss 2 and 2.1
The front 2 mounting holes now have a 10mm stand off insert.

Why white??
Because you can Dye it , Glow it or leave it as is :)
With LED becoming more and more mandatory in races, the white canopies are quickly becoming everyone's favorite.
Stick a LED inside the canopy and let it GLOW!
Next time your race director asks for 3 sided LED on your drone, tell him my canopy already does that!

Phoenix 3D Solutions is proud to be printing the "MayDay FPV" designed Micro Cam Floss V2 canopy with integrated Stubby AXII mount and antenna tubes.

This pod is designed to work with the Pyro-Drone HyperLite Floss V2

Each canopy comes with two 20mm bolts for mounting the front of the pod and longer M2 screws for the camera.

The canopy is printed in very durable and rigid Taulman Nylon.

List Price: $29.95
Price: $29.95

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