GFP-5000H-BLK Gryphon High Quality CNC Fuel Pump (Black)


Gryphon High Quality CNC Fuel Pump HS Version Black

Low Speed version for un-geared starters like Dynatron etc

Not all fuel pumps are created equal!

Are you completely fed up with buying fuel pumps just to see them fail half way through a season? If you are then the Gryphon CNC mecanical pump is for you.

The pump is very simple in operation it has a hex coupler so you just attach your starter and pump away. It also has a convienient cone as well if you are an airplane pilot. Also supplied is a fuel nozzle and a velcro strap for attaching the pump to your bottle.

The pump also has a mechanical valve as well so you can fill or drain just as easily.
Go on treat yourself to what will probably be the last pump you will ever buy.

List Price: $125.00
Price: $125.00

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