Gemfan Two Blade 5x4.5 Bullnose NGF Black Propeller (5045BN CW)


GemFan Propellers have set the gold standard in the small class Multi-rotor community. Known for their durability, great balancing and superb hub centering and expendable price. There is a wide range of coloir options that can be mixed and matched to help with multi-rotor orientation. This is the perfect upgrade for any small multi-rotor.

These 5x4.5 Bullnose props will give your Mini FPV racing quad that extra punch for overtaking right before a tree like a mad dog.

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Material: Nylon Glass Fiber
Colour: black, green, orange
Usage: for 210-300 frames

Package include:
4 x CW propellers

List Price: $1.00
Price: $1.00

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