FLYTREXM Flytrex Flight Data Logger


The Must Have for Multirotor Pilots

Mission Manager

Get detailed display of every mission you complete. Interactive path map, speed, altitude and temperature graphs, personal records tracking and more.

Assigning aircraft and gear with each mission you post helps you analyze flight results with different aircraft and help other multirotor pilots learn more about your setup and hobby.

Badges and Challenges

Earn badges as you complete challenges and build up your Flytrex profile. Unlock badges for challenges such as speed, ascent, altitude, diving, world wide traveling, and more!

Unlock new badges as you complete more missions and improve your skills. New challenges are added all the time - be sure to send us your cool ideas!

Aircraft and Personal Records

Use aircraft manager to track mission records and stats for each of your multirotors and quadcopters.

Personal Records book helps you analyze your personal improvement over time and best results. Easily see and share your best flight achievements with friends.

Nearby Pilots with World Map

Find other multirotor and quadcopter pilots flying nearby using the globe map showing recent flights activity world-wide. Consult with local pilots when traveling and find exciting new scenery for your next adventure!

Use our Explore tool dedicate search to find recent missions by location and aircraft.

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