BDX Racer Frame (Durable Edition)


At only 98g bare frame weight the BDX Racer has been lightened where it can be and strengthened where it needs it. The revolutionary arm “keyway” ensures the core structure is absolutely rigid whilst using only one bolt per arm. This makes race track repairs a breeze.

Unlike the BDX240, the BDX Racer wasn’t designed to be a tank. This frame is an outright racing machine and Steadly1 has focused on dding strength where it is needed around the arm roots and camera mount. The supplied camera lock clips attach to the top horizontal standoff and fix firmly around your FPV camera lens to give either a 25 or 35 degree tilt. The included GoPro base means you can secure your GoPro Hero 3 or 4 camera to the tilted top of the frame cheeks for those hardcore acro sessions!

Each frame kit includes:

4mm carbon arm plates
2mm frame plates
2.0mm “cheek” plates
All required fixers and fasteners (black steel screws)
3D printed camera lock clips and GoPro mounting base
Specifications – BDX Racer

BDX Racer
Material: 2mm & 4mm 3K Taiwan Carbon Fiber (Twill Matte Finish)
Wheelbase: 220mm (5 inch) | 250mm (6 inch)
Weight: 98g (5 inch variant with no accessories added)
Hardware: Black Nylon and Steel
Motor mounts: Standard M3 slotted mounting patterns (22xx size motors only)
Flight Controller: Optimised for Naze32 and CC3D size boards
Flight Camera: To suit 28mm cased micro cameras (RunCam, HS1177)
HD Camera: No anti-vibration mount. GoPro™ mounting base included.

List Price: $115.00
Price: $90.00

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